Christ Being Formed in Us

Submitted by: Tim Washington (Bellevue, WA)

I enjoyed days 4 and 5 from Week 2 of the morning revival on ”The Heart of the Divine Revelation”. Both of these days were focused on Christ being formed in us. As I was reading over these portions, various phrases stood out that are associated with Christ being formed in us. I found 14 related points which I would like to share.

”If Christ replaces the self and the world in our mind, emotion, and will, we will have the form of Christ”

”For Christ to be formed in us, we need to let Him occupy every part of our soul: our mind, emotion, and will.”

”To have Christ formed in us is to have Christ fully grown in us.”

”…to have Christ formed in us is to allow Him to permeate our being and saturate our inward parts”

”In order to have Christ formed in us, we need to drop everything other than Christ Himself…”

”To have Christ possess our entire being is to have Him formed in us”

”For Christ to make home in our hearts, He needs to be able to settle down within us. This is to have Christ formed in us.”

”We should let Christ be our thought, our decision, our love, and everything to us. This is to have Christ formed in us.”

”To have Christ formed in us is to have Christ mingled with our whole being.”

”Christ must saturate and permeate us until He is completed blended with us; then He will be formed within us.”

”For Christ to be formed in us means that His element is being constituted into us.”

”Christ’s being formed in us depends on our being transformed into His image”

”To have Christ formed in us is to have the three parts of our soul-our mind, emotion, and will-renewed”

We can pray these point back to the Lord, that He would renew us, transform us, completely blend Himself with us, replace us, constitute us, occupy us, fully grow in us, settle down within us, permeate, and saturate us!” Amen.

3 thoughts on “Christ Being Formed in Us

  1. Amen, brother! As I was reading AGAIN all these points I realized the best way we can respond is to pray them back to the Lord! Lord, make Your home in all our heart. Be formed in us. Saturate us and permeate us. Lord, be completely blended with us. May Your element be infused into us to saturate us and become our constitution. Lord, renew every part of our inner being.

  2. AMEN!!!!! I really enjoyed these points. We need to pray that the Lord will bring us into the experience and enjoymentof Christ who has been born into us,is now living in us and will be formed in us at our maturity inorder that we may be sons of full age and heirs of GOD’s promised blessing and that we may mature in the devine sonship.

  3. Praise the Lord!!
    I also enjoyed the same portion.
    O how much i need Christ constituted in me for His expression.
    “For it shall no longer be us who will live, BUT CHRIST! who will liveth out of us 🙂

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