Christ and the Church in Resurrection

We all need to see a two-fold vision concerning resurrection. First, we need see Christ’s eternal and unchanging existence in His resurrection. Second, we need to see that Christ as the Lord Spirit is intensely focused in His operation today to produce the church as an entity entirely in resurrection. If we see such a vision and touch such an operation, our living and work will be revolutionized. What we value and what we seek will be radically changed.

“And the living One; and I became dead, and behold, I am living forever and ever; and I have the keys of death and of Hades.” (Rev. 1:18) Having passed through death and entered into resurrection, Christ is living forever and ever. Hallelujah! His existence is eternal and unchanging. Although death operated, it was not possible for Him to be held by it (Acts 2:24). Furthermore, the church was born in this resurrection and now continues its existence in resurrection. In the resurrected One, the church is resurrectionly, the same as the resurrected Lord. Such a church in resurrection is the only thing that will last on the earth.

The building up of the church as an entity entirely in Christ’s resurrection depends on saints whose being and living are brought into resurrection. No work of the natural man, no matter how good or successful, will last. No amount of activity according to the natural constitution will have an eternal effect. Yet, the smallest aspect of our daily living which has been transferred into the resurrected Christ has an eternal value for the building up of the resurrectionly church. What then matters? What should be our primary focus? A successful career? A life of comfort and ease? Our future? Our health? In our perplexing circumstances, under the sovereign arrangement of the God of resurrection, death attacks. But resurrection remains. Christ is living forever and ever, the church continues her eternal existence in her resurrected Lord, and the Lord Spirit operates to bring us into resurrection. May the Lord grant us such a vision and may we know this resurrection life!

3 thoughts on “Christ and the Church in Resurrection

  1. Lord, I praise You as the One who has the eternal and unchanging existence in resurrection. Thank You also for Your intention of bringing the church resurrectionly into Yourself so she may continue her eternal existence and will be built-up entirely in resurrection. Grant me the willingness to be transfused with Your resurrection life, in the aspects of my being and living. Even a very small activity up to a biggest thing that I do,replace my natural way of life with the resurrected Christ who lives in me and fit me for the building-up of the church. Amen!

  2. Lord, enlighten the eyes of my heart to see this two-fold vision concerning resurrection! May I even touch Your intense operation of the building up of Your Church. Bring my being and living fully into resurrection. Lord, I look to You as the eternal and unchanging One! Keep me in You as the resurrected One so that the church life may always be resurrectionly! Amen! Praise You Lord!!!

  3. In ourselves we cannot be in resurrection. It is the Lord as the Spirit who brings us into resurrection! Lord may we know this resurrection life!

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