2012 Labor Day Conference with Ron Kangas – Jacksonville, Florida

The general subject of this 2012 Labor Day conference with Brother Ron Kangas in Jacksonville, Florida, is “In the Father’s House”. These messages may be considered as a continuation or further development of Message 10 from the 2012 Summer Training on the Minor Prophets.

Message 1: Audio, Outline

Message 2: Audio, Outline

Message 3: Audio, Outline

Message 4: Audio, Outline

Message 5: Audio, Outline

Message 6: Audio, Outline

2 thoughts on “2012 Labor Day Conference with Ron Kangas – Jacksonville, Florida

  1. I have been deeply impressed by these messages, not only because of the experience in life they present, but mostly because they reveal a very special desire in the Father’s heart that WE will live in his HOUSE!!

    This “quiet, tender, personal, inward interaction with the Lord, from inside the Father’s house” reveals that we are all in the Father’s heart. We all have been particularly selected, predestined to be His “personal” corporate bride. May the Lord gain us in love, so that we may pursue Him and His heart’s desire!!

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