Msg. 3: LS of Zechariah

We conclude Week 5 of the Life-Study reading program with the third message of the LS of Zechariah.


This message covers Zechariah 2 with the following sections:


A. A Man

B. A Measuring Line

C. To Measure Jerusalem

D. Her Wall of Fire Round About and the Glory within Her

E. The Crucial Significance of This Vision to the People of Zion

1. Jehovah Having Spread Them Out Like the Four Winds of the Heavens

2. Jehovah Wanting Them to Flee from the Land of the North to Escape

3. Christ as the One Sent by Jehovah of Hosts and as the Sender, Jehovah of Hosts

4. The Rejoicing of the Daughter of Zion

5. Many Nations Joining Themselves to Jehovah and Becoming His People

6. Jehovah Inheriting Judah as His Portion

7. All Flesh Hushing Themselves before Jehovah

5 thoughts on “Msg. 3: LS of Zechariah

  1. Our marvelous Father sent His Son to the returned people. The glory has returned and today this glory is in the Church where the Triune God is moving, working, and doing things for the Church. All flesh must be silent before Him because He alone has the right to speak. Amen, Lord, Speak!

  2. The vision of measuring can be seen throughout the Bible. Measuring can be likened to purchasing a costly piece of cloth. Before possessing the cloth, it may undergo a measuring. Furthermore, Jerusalem was measured by a Man. This signifies Jesus, because of His divine nature and human nature, is qualified to measure Jerusalem. Jerusalem was measured and found to be without limit. This means God’s kingdom is unlimited. In Revelation, the city is measured with a golden reed. This tells us that the city is measured according to God’s divine nature. Only that which is of the divine nature belongs to the New Jerusalem. This “measuring brings in such a glory…” Lord Jesus, add more of Your divine element into our spirit, soul, and body.

  3. All Flesh Hushing Themselves before Jehovah

    Today our Triune God is no longer silent in His heavenly habitation. He is moving, working, and doing things in the church. This indicates that the glory is here in the church. The measuring brings in such a glory that we all must hush and allow the Lord alone to speak.

    Amen!! Jesus our God is moving, working, and doing today! Hallelujah~ ~~

  4. Zechariah 2:8 “For thus says Jehovah of hosts, After the glory He has sent Me.”
    I enjoyed from the note that both He and Me refer to Jehovah of hosts, which means that Jehovah of hosts is the Sender and the sent One. This corresponds to what is revealed in John 5 and 6. “The Father who sent Me, He has testified concerning Me” (5:37a). “The living Father has sent Me” (6:57a).
    Zechariah 2 and John 5 and 6 all speak of the Father’s sending the Son. Both the Father and the Son are Jehovah.

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