Msg. 10: LS of Zechariah

The reading for Wednesday, December 12th, is Message 10 in the Life-Study of Zechariah:

This message covers Zechariah 10.

Here is the outline from the message:
A. The Lord Encouraging the Children of Israel to Seek More Blessings
B. The Lord Punishing the False Shepherds
C. The Lord Visiting the House of Judah as His Flock
D. From Judah Coming Forth the Cornerstone, the Peg, the Battle Bow, and Every Ruler Together
E. The House of Judah and the People of Ephraim Being as Mighty Men Trampling Their Enemies
F. Jehovah Whistling for Them and Gathering Them

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4 thoughts on “Msg. 10: LS of Zechariah

  1. “All of chapter ten talks about God’s loving visitation. We need to realize and remember that this visitation is actually Christ’s coming. I can testify from my experience that when we enjoy the Lord’s loving visitation, our situation is exactly like that of God’s people described in this chapter. Often after we enjoy such a loving visitation, our situation changes. In His visitation He encourages us to seek more blessings. We are little lambs, but after His loving visitation, we become horses. We are not that bold or strong, but after the Lord’s visitation with His dear touch, we are strengthened to become horses of majesty in battle. Eventually, the Lord strengthens us in Himself so that we may walk about in His name.”

  2. “Eventually, the Lord strengthens us in Himself so that we may walk about in His name.” Strengthen us Lord, strengthen all the saints Lord for Your building!

  3. “All of chapter ten talks about God’s loving visitation. We need to realize and remember that this visitation is actually Christ’s coming.”

    v.3 “For Jehovah of hosts has visited His flock, the house of Judah, And will make them like His horse of majesty in battle.”

    v.1 “Ask rain of Jehovah at the time of spring rain, Of Jehovah who makes lightening, And He will give them showers of rain, To everyone herbage in the field.”

    v. 6 “And I will strengthen the house of Judah, And I will save the house of Joseph;”

    V. 8 “I will whistle for them and gather them, for I have redeemed them;”

    v. 12 “And I will strengthen them in Jehovah, And they will walk about in His name, Declares Jehovah.”

    In the Lord’s loving visitation He blesses us, nourishes us, strengthens us, saves us, cherishes us, encourages us, and comforts us. Through His constant loving visitations, He is able to turn little lambs into horses of majesty in battle.

  4. What a lovely Visitation to me when I was in a miserable situation! As I remember the first visitation of the Lord, I’m stirred up, and encouraged again and again! When I attended at the meeting of Prebyterian Church for the first time, what a surprise to experience the forgiveness of my sin and sins just hearing of the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. I was liberated from my inner and hidden feeling of sins while I was listening to the sermon. Later, the Lord Jesus has visited me through the Spirit and the Word repeatedly.. Praise the Lord! But in my experience, there has been the shortage of knowledge about the Spirit, who is Jesus Christ Himself as well as the Processed and Consummated Triune God! I just know that Jesus is another Comforter according to the book of Gospel of John! That’s all. I didn’t know Jesus Christ as the life-giving Spirit very well. And at the same time, I’ve been short of apprehending Christ as the promised Spirit to Abraham (Gal 3:14)
    But Praise the Lord! In the Church life, fortunately I’ve been under the blessing of the rain!
    But I’ve come to realize the significance for us to seek and ask for more blessing. God desires to give more abundant blessing to us!
    Brothers and sisters! In the Lord’s recovery, let us seek for abundant blessing from the Heaven! Our God said to us about it, so we can ask for it according to His faithful promise! Amen~ ~

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