Life-Study of Genesis: Messages 18-20

In Message 18 we come to the first fall of man, which is recorded in Genesis chapter three. In order to see the significance of man’s first fall we need to consider the cause, the process, and the result. Outwardly, Satan, with his questioning of God’s Word, was the cause of man’s fall. However, the inward cause of the fall was the woman assuming the headship. Man’s position before God is that of His wife. Isaiah 54:5 says, “For thy Maker is thine husband.” Whether we are male or female, we are part of the wife and must always keep ourselves under God’s covering. Whenever we do anything in ourselves, we put God aside and assume the headship. Eve failed in taking Adam as her husband and was deceived by Satan. Even in small matters, we must learn to say, “Lord, I am not the husband. You are my husband. I simply rely on You.” These are the outward and inward causes of the first fall of man. The process of this fall was firstly that Adam and Eve did not use their spirit. “We must realize that our husband is with our spirit and exercise our spirit accordingly.” Secondly, Eve exercised her soul when speaking with the serpent. In her mind she was reasoning, in her emotion she was pleased with the fruit, and in her will she made the decision to eat the fruit. Finally, her body carried out her intention and partook of the fruit. The result of this entire process was that man’s soul was corrupted, his body transmuted to become the flesh, and his spirit deadened. In other words, the satanic nature entered man’s being and constituted him a sinner. The fall also brought man under God’s condemnation, brought in the curse, cast man out of paradise, and ultimately brought in death.

But Genesis 3 does not stop here. Hallelujah! In messages 19 and 20 we see that after man’s fall God did not come to judge but to save. And His way of salvation is through the gospel. In speaking to the serpent in Genesis 3:15, God said, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between your seed and her seed.” To Adam and Eve, who thought they were under the sentence of death, surely this was the glad tidings. Adam reacted to God’s word by naming his wife Eve, which means living. “When the people hear the glad tidings of Genesis 3:15, receiving the the gospel and responding to it, they will shout, ‘Now we are living. Praise the Lord!'”

The proclamation of the gospel in Genesis 3:15 is a great seed and we should consider the items in this verse: the serpent, the woman, and the seed of the woman. The serpent in this verse is Satan. Through the fall Satan injected himself into man’s flesh. Therefore, we must be on the alert because as long as we are in the old creation, the serpent remains with us. The woman in Genesis 3:15 not only refers to Eve but also signifies Mary, the mother of the Lord Jesus, and the universal, corporate woman in Revelation 12, who represents all of God’s people. Finally, the seed of the woman refers firstly to Christ. When Christ was on the earth, Satan had nothing in Him. And through His death on the cross, Christ destroyed Devil. Praise the Lord! As those who have been begotten of God, we have this conquering seed within us. And this conquering seed will makes us the man-child (Revelation 12), who are the overcomers, the stronger part of the woman. This is the second aspect of the seed of the woman. This seed is a corporate entity – Christ as the Head and the overcoming believers as His Body. This seed will defeat God’s enemy, bring in God’s kingdom, and fulfill God’s eternal purpose. Ultimately, the harvest of these seeds in Revelation 20-22 will be for the serpent to be cast into the lake of fire, the woman to issue in the New Jerusalem, and the seed of the woman to be the center of the New Jerusalem. 



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4 thoughts on “Life-Study of Genesis: Messages 18-20

  1. Thank you for these wonderful life study messages! Not only do I see the condition of man after the fall, but I can apply these principles to my daily life. Every day we run into circumstances which simulate the experience of the Garden of Eden.

    In the Garden of Eden, there are two major components to man’s fall. One of them has to do with Satan and the other has to do with man’s inward condition. Outwardly, Satan is subtle, always looking for opportunities to tempt God’s people, and frustrate God’s purpose. He makes proposals causing man to question and doubt God’s word and heart towards him. Inwardly, man’s spirit should be the leading part, directing, guiding, and ruling in every decision he makes. The fall reveals the result when we don’t follow the spirit. All of us have encountered this similar experience in the Garden of Eden. When Eve was tempted she first gave room for reasoning’s to develop, then emotions were stirred up, and eventually the will became set. The unique remedy to every temptation is the spirit. Exercising the spirit brings us under His headship. Suppose I walk into a department store. When I see a designer brand, my first reaction should be to turn to the spirit, exercise the spirit, and follow the anointing. In the spirit I give Him the proper position as the Husband. This is the unique way to prevent an incalculable fall as we experience the normal Christian life.

  2. Dear Saints,

    Something what I am enjoying the most from msg 19:

    “Whenever we walk in our flesh we become a delectable dish for Satan, and whenever we are soulish we become a meal for the Devil. However, whenever we turn to the spirit, forgetting the body and the soul, Satan has nothing to eat. When we turn to the spirit, Satan is limited. Praise the Lord for the limitation that God in His judgment has pronounced over the serpent.

    The promise in Genesis 3:15 reveals that Satan is the enemy of the people of God. Eventually, the Lord Jesus came as the seed of woman to destroy the enemy. Today we are enjoying the fulfillment of this promise.”

  3. Let me share with you also something from msg 18:

    “The best lesson for us all to learn is to be quiet in our thinking. If we are able to stop our thinking and turn to prayer, it proves that we are a person walking with the Lord and living in His presence.”

  4. Oh Lord Jesus. that we will turn to our spirit and walk with You Lord and live in Your Presence. Oh Lord Jesus You are our very need today Lord Jesus. amen.

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