Migration Testimonies

Submitted by: M.B. who migrated from London, UK to Stockholm, Sweden in 2009 serve full-time in a job-dropping way.

What is the spiritual highlight of your migration?
We get to be in the front seat of a small church life. We get to be involved in just about everything. We learn to live and work with the Lord and the local saints to raise up a church life where everything is dark and degraded. There is so much spiritual benefit in this. I love it! What more is there to give you life for the Lord for His need in this age?

Is there anything else you would like to explain or share?
Fellowship more with the saints concerning migration to Europe. They don’t need to come here “forever”. Perhaps they can come for a 2-3 month scouting trip. They wouldn’t need a visa and perhaps they can stay in the local saints home during this period of time. For migration to Europe we need to take small steps at a time. To give up a job and move countries with an uncertain future is a big step which many won’t take. But a 2-3 month trip is “doable” for a large number of saints. They will also get a real taste for what it is to be in Europe. They will obtain experiential knowledge. A written report will never be able to convey this!

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  1. Thank you for this testimony. Small steps to Europe do seem much more doable than jumping right into it. My wife and I hope to go to the UK for an extended trip in the summer of 2014 or 2015.

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