Life-Study of Genesis: Messages 51-53

In message 51 of the Life-Study of Genesis, we see by example of Abraham’s glorious intercession concerning Lot, the principles of intercession. First, intercession must be according to God’s revelation. Abraham interceded for Lot because God revealed to him His intention concerning Sodom. For this to happen, however, Abraham needed to be dealt with, circumcised, terminated, and be brought into an intimate fellowship with God. Second, this intercession was apparently for Sodom, but actually it was for Lot. In other words, God and Abraham understood each other without mentioning Lot’s name because they were intimate friends. Third, because intercession is according to God’s revelation, it must also be according to God’s heart. “Abraham did not intercede according to the outward word of God but according to the inward intention of God’s heart. Proper intercession must always touch the heart of God.” Fourth, intercession is also according to God’s righteous way. Abraham did not beg God for His love to save Lot; rather, he challenged God according to His righteous way to not destroy the righteous with the wicked. Fifth, intercession expresses God’s desire, which in this case is to save Lot. Sixth, intercession carries out God’s will. ” Although God had a will to rescue Lot, without Abraham’s intercession God had no way to carry out His will. Proper intercession always paves the way for the accomplishing of God’s will.” Seventh, intercession utters what God is speaking. The record of Abraham’s intercession says that the Lord had finished His speaking, implying that proper intercession is always God’s speaking, in our speaking.

In contrast to message 51, message 52 shows us the example of Lot as a defeated righteous man with a number of characteristics. From the beginning, Lot was passively brought into God’s way by others. There was no record that Lot had God’s appearing. “God does not respect persons, but He does respect behavior, respecting whether or not we are active or passive in seeking Him. If you seek Him, He will appear to you. But if you do not seek Him, He will not waste His time.” There was also no record that Lot took any initiative in taking God’s way. Instead, “Lot’s relationship with God was under the influence of others. When others were up, he was up. When they were down, he was down… But when Lot was faced with the choice between spiritual influence and material substance, he chose material substance.” Eventually, this caused him to drift into a situation which was wicked and sinful before God. But because God was merciful to him, He warned Lot by allowing him to be captured and rescued from captivity by Abraham. Even then, however, Lot was not helped to come back to the way of God but instead went back to live in the wicked city that was condemned and eventually destroyed by the judgment of God. Because Lot drifted into Sodom, his children were corrupted, his wife was saved from destruction but became a pillar of salt, and he himself was also barely saved through Abraham’s intercession. Eventually, Lot’s life issued in bringing forth Moabites and Ammonites, who were rejected by God even to their tenth generation. The record of Lot’s life should be a strong warning to us all.

In message 53, we focused on Lot’s wife. Although Lot’s wife was saved from destruction, because she longed for all the worldly things she left behind and looked back, she became a pillar of salt. This signifies that she had lost her function and had become a sign of shame. “The basic concept of this message is that a genuine saved person faces the definite possibility of being put to shame… In this message we need to hear a sobering word from the Lord, a word that will sober our mind and quicken our spirit.” As a warning to us who are saved, Lot’s wife typified believers: 1) who are not absolute in following the Lord; 2) who live in the world as the worldly people and seek to save their soul; 3) who do not abide in the Lord as the anointing teaches; 4) who do not watch for the Lord’s coming back and live a proper life; and 5) who do not live and walk according to God’s economy. If we are such believers today, we will be like Lot’s wife who remains in a place for shame. This is why the Lord Jesus Himself taught us to remember Lot’s wife (Luke 17). Let us heed these examples of warnings today so that we may follow the Lord absolutely and be useful in His hand.


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