Migration Testimonies

Submitted by: M.S. and A.S. who migrated from Irvine, CA to Birmingham, AL in 2012 to hold a job.

Moved to Birmingham to strengthen the church life here. Financial strain was a factor – starting a family and living in Southern California created positive pressure to migrate. My job is mobile. I can work anywhere in the country.

What is the spiritual highlight of your migration?
The Lord’s care and arrangement every step of the way, in the fellowship, in the Body. Almost no effort on our part. We cooperate to do our part, but He is ready to move.

Is there anything else you would like to explain or share?
I’ve been comparing our migration experience to my experience of getting married. It seems the Lord is ready, but He needs to do a preparation work in us. When we are ready and open, He moves quickly.

2 thoughts on “Migration Testimonies

  1. Migration, growing up with an executive Father and transferred to 14 cities in 19 years with my family. Playing professional baseball and moving 14 times in 4 years. Starting a profession in the medical sales business and moving another 10 had its drawbacks but it also developed Godly Strength and Gifting. Migrating to often without accountability is a negative but praying about proper placement in the local community is a strength. God called me to evangelism and the experience I gained from the different environments gave great strength and a sensitivity.

    Once I experienced a Pastor that was in a church for a lengthy time and his heart had grown cold. The Church denomination moved him to another church and it refreshed his relationship with Jesus and for pastoring Gods Children. Sometimes it helps to keep your eyes fresh and clear to things that we grow cold to see. Migration with God is like our journey with Him. The steps of the righteous are ordered by God

  2. Thank you for this testimony. Migration gives us the opportunity to see things afresh, from a new perspective, and also to deepen our experience of Christ.

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