Life-Study of Genesis: Messages 96-98

This week covers messages 96, 97, and 98. While we continue our look at the manifestations of maturity, this week’s series actually begins with a parenthetical message brother Witness Lee gives on the shiftings of the birthright.




Message 96: The Shiftings of the Birthright in the Scripture

I. From Esau to Jacob

II. From Zarah to Pharez

III. From Reuben to Joseph

IV. From Manesseh to Ephraim

V. From Israel to the Church

Message 97: Being Matured – The Manifestation of Maturity (2)

g) Prophesying with Blessing

(1) Four Requirements for Prophesying with Blessing

  • (a) Knowing God
  • (b) Knowing People
  • (c) Having the Riches
  • (d) Having a Strong, Active Spirit

(2) Not a Gifted Prophet

(3) A God-constituted Person

(4) Jacob, the Father in the Flesh, and Israel, God’s Mouth

Message 98: Being Matured – Manifestation of Maturity (3)

(5) Concerning Reuben

  • (a) Being the Firstborn to Have the Preeminent in Dignity and in Power
  • (b) Having Lost the Preeminence of the Birthright because of His Ebullition in Lust
  • (c) In Danger of Dying and Decreasing

(6) Concerning Simeon and Levi

  • (a) Receiving No Blessing Because of Their Cruelty
  • (b) To Be Scattered in Israel
  • (c) Simeon Being Omitted in Moses’ Blessing
  • (d) Levi Receiving the Priesthood because of His Faithfulness to the Lord
  • (e) The Scattering of Levi Becoming a Blessing to the Children of Israel


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