Life-Study of Genesis: Messages 108-110

In message 108 brother Witness Lee brings us to the conclusion of the life-study of chapter 49 of Genesis and brings us to see the ultimate consummation of God’s operation in the Bible. This ultimate consummation involves the universal blessing and eternal dwelling as typified at the end of chapter 49.  This universal blessing is actually a type of the new heaven and new earth spoken of in Revelation 21:1. Such a blessing includes all things being made new, there being no more sea, tears, death, sorrow, crying, pain, curse, nor night. The eternal dwelling is a type of the New Jerusalem, the tabernacle of God with man (Rev 21:3). The New Jerusalem is fully constituted of God’s redeemed with God and the Lamb being the temple, God being the light and the Lamb the lamp, God’s throne being the source of eternal supply, the tree of life and the river of water of life being the supply itself, and God’s authority, face, and name being the chief enjoyment.

Message 109 deals with Jacob’s departure, which was in an excellent way. We see the meaningful aspects of Jacob asking Joseph to put his hand under his thigh, considering death as sleep, and charging Joseph not to bury him in Egypt but in the good land. He worshipped God from the top of his staff and remember Rachel’s sorrowful death. In the end, he realized that God had shepherded him all of his life and he prophesied concerning his twelve sons. Ultimately, he was buried with high honor.

The reigning aspect of the matured Israel is the subject of message 110. This involves the life of Joseph – being of the generation of Jacob. In this message we see that Joseph was a type of Christ. Genesis shows us that he was a shepherd, he was his father’s beloved, he ministered to his brothers according to his father’s will and the brothers to whom he ministered hated and harassed him. He viewed his people as sheaves of life and the light bearers in the heavens. As such ones, he viewed them as ones positioned in heaven and though still sinful, he came to them and brought them under his reigning. Praise the Lord for this wonderful type of Christ and a picture of a matured believer!


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