Life-Study of Genesis: Message 120

In message 120 we come to the final message in the Life-study of Genesis and thus the final message on the reigning aspect of the matured Israel. As such, we come to the final aspect of Joseph being a type of Christ – His reigning. Joseph is a type of Christ during His reigning in the kingdom during the millennium. As such a one he supplied the people with food, keeping them alive. He kept the land producing and took special care of Israel. According to Genesis 47 the entire land of Egypt became a land of enjoyment. No longer were there distinctions among the people or differences in their enjoyment. In the millennium, this will also be the case. The earth will be the Lord’s and His fullness thereof (Psa. 24:1). Praise the Lord for the opening of the book of Genesis to us in the way of life and for giving us the opportunity to see all the seeds of the truth sown in its chapters!


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