Raising Up the Next Generation for the Church Life – Salt Lake City Jan/Feb 2014, with Brother Tom Goetz

In January and February of 2014, brother Tom Goetz released a series of messages to the saints in the church in Salt Lake City, Utah entitled Raising up the Next Generation for the Church Life.

The audio messages and outlines are available for download from the website of the church in Salt Lake City: http://www.churchinsaltlakecity.org/dnn/Downloads.aspx .

2 thoughts on “Raising Up the Next Generation for the Church Life – Salt Lake City Jan/Feb 2014, with Brother Tom Goetz

  1. The messages are so helpful to me, not only about how to carry out children meeting in the church, but also how I should bring up my children. I have two children , they are 3 and 5 year old. My older son is going to kindergarten this fall in a public school. I have a deep realization that it is crucial to prepare my children’s humanity when they are in elementary school. It will be too late when they are teenagers.

    The messages said our children are seeds of gospel. I am so impressed with this. When our children go to school, they are like tiny seeds in their school. They will be in contact with many children. I do not pray for worldly popularity of our children in school, but our children should be lovable by others. Their school friends should love to be with them, because of their good humanity. The parents of our children’s friends should also feel comfortable that our children are their children’s friends. This is not spirituality, this is humanity. Good humanity attract people. May all our children grow and become strong, being filled with wisdom and the grace of God , just like our Lord Jesus when he was a child mentioned in Luke 2: 40 . Amen.

  2. queridos hermanos
    estos mensajes estan disponibles en español?

    Dear brothers
    This messages is in spanish? where?

    Luciano Mendieta

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