Ron Kangas’ Fellowship with Working Saints in Anaheim, California (August 13, 2014)

This is an audio recording of the fellowship brother Ron Kangas had with the working saints in Anaheim, California on August 13th, 2014. In this weighty message, brother Ron first shared his personal history as a young adult in the church. Next he gave a weighty word on the subject of “Living the Kingdom Life throughout Our Human Life.” Finally, he shared on how this is worked out and how rich the supply is to work it out. You can listen to or download the audio of this message, hosted by the church in Anaheim website, here. For other languages also hosted by the church in Anaheim, click on: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese.

11 thoughts on “Ron Kangas’ Fellowship with Working Saints in Anaheim, California (August 13, 2014)

  1. Re: Ron Kangas’ Fellowship with Young Adults in Anaheim. This message is truly the Lord’s heart revealed. A call to the overcomers. We cannot meet the requirements in Matthew, but if we say Amen! and give it to the Lord to work it out and stay open to Him, He will do it in us. He is the faithful One in us. I have to keep reminding myself: Fear is from the enemy, Jesus has won the victory! Jesus, Jesus, Lord Jesus. Calling Lord Jesus is a balm to my soul.

    I have had experience with heartbreak that was so traumatic (for me) that I felt I would surely die. Like I was punched in the stomach and all the air was let out of me. Shamefully, although I’ve been saved for years and even been in the Lord’s Recovery for years, I didn’t care if I lived or died(nobody died). This, along with many other sufferings both big and small, but sufferings without gaining Christ mean nothing. The whole world is suffering because the whole world lies in the evil one.
    Regarding this particular heartbreak, I was saved by the Lord in a brother and a sister in the Body. Through their shepherding of me, grace came. With time and grace the pain eased, but has not completely disappeared. Unresolved issues that I trust the Lord will resolve. But, I can say, grace is sufficient! Grace is Jesus.

    Hallelujah for the Body! It is crucial to be built into the Body. It is crucial to be on the proper ground of oneness. No believer can make it on his/her own.

    The Lord has always had mercy on me. I know His mercy. I love Abba Father for His far reaching mercy. I want to love Him with my whole heart. But, I’m not there yet. I am so thankful He brought me into the Lord’s Recovery so many years ago. Exactly two months after brother Lee died, to be exact.

    Suffering is one of those things all humans experience. That’s just a fact. We see it everywhere and we experience it. But, the truth is, we don’t see it coming. That’s God’s mercy to us.

    So, if we have thoughts and fear about a particular way or form in which suffering may come to us, that is from Satan. He wants to torment us, so let’s not let him. Just say, Satan, that thought is from you and I recognize that. You are the father of all lies. I am covered in the righteous blood of Jesus. Jesus is Lord! Jesus has won the victory over you! Flee from me! Hallelujah! We can recognize him and defeat him by: the blood of Jesus, the word of our testimony and not loving our soul life, even unto death, by the Lord’s life in us. Amen.

  2. I wanted to add that I am not a young adult. I am 57. I hope to share this message with some young adults according to the Lord’s leading and timing. Thank you, brother Ron.

  3. I urge each one to read the book Ron references “How to Be Useful to the Lord” and to chew each line sentence by sentence, even pray-reading them.

    1. I agree. I’m reading How to Be Useful to the Lord with another sister and it’s very good.

      This week I enjoyed in chapter 3 that we have to pay the price to allow God to work in us. Also reminds me of the summer training message 6 point I2b

      Others may see a person who has matured in life, but they cannot see the accumulated discipline of the Holy Spirit which that person has received secretly day by day throughout the years.

      Lord mature us so that we can be useful to You.

  4. Praise the Lord!!
    Thank You Lord for this weighty message to young adults in the Lord’s recovery.
    Lord, suppy us, young adults, with today’s portion of grace so that we only serve God alone in our entire life and we seek the first kingdom of God as brother Ron does to consummate the New Testament economy of God. Amen!! Hallelujah!!

  5. Living the kingdom life before the kingdom manifests to all on earth is not cheap. One must pay a price. We say we cannot live like this by ourselves, but on the other hand, the Lord gives us the all sufficient grace to live this kingdom life. In fact, He is the only one able to live the kingdom life. Brother Ron’s fellowship reminds me of Rev. 12:11 “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they loved not their soul-life even unto death.” I start to realize, although we are all God’s people, not all are willing to pay a price to live the kingdom life. The Lord is still calling, who will answer His call?

    Hymn# 893 verse 4 and 5:

    Who then will forward go
    Strong in His mighty power?
    Who then will firmly trust the Lord
    Until the vict’ry hour;
    Till with the conqu’rors blest,
    The triumph song’s begun?
    That man will then rejoice to hear,
    Behold, I quickly come!

    Who then will choose God’s best,
    And take the narrow track,
    Though passing thru the wildest storms,
    Yet never turning back?
    Who now will dare press on,
    Enduring pain and fear?
    All such will then rejoice to see
    Jesus, the Lord, is near!

    1. I do not know where else I can express my deep feeling about this age. I feel the need to pray, pray for all brothers on the podium, the elders in the church, the leading ones, the serving ones, the older generation (compared to us in the 20’s to 40; please be sure I am not despising the older people), our generation, the younger generation, actually, just everyone. Let’s pray for one another. We need living testimonies all over the earth testifying that Satan is defeated by our victorious Christ! We are not here for ourselves, but for the building up of the Body. Satan does not tremble if we are individualistically spiritual, but he trembles because we are the Body of Christ! The bride must be ready before the Lord can come back. Let’s pray that we will bring in the Kingdom age. “Your Kingdom come!” Amen!

    1. To download the audio message, right click on where it says “here” on the post, and select “Save link as…”. This method applies to any file you would like to download from the internet.

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