2015 Southeast Blending Conference – Ron Kangas (AUDIO)

Available below is the link to the audio recordings and the printed outlines from the most recent Southeast Blending Conference in Atlanta, GA held in March with brother Ron Kangas. The subject of the conference was:

 “These Men Who Have Upset the World Have Come Here Also”; The Person, Living, and Ministry of the God-Men in Their Oneness with the Triune God to Carry Out the Economy of God.

Through our brother Ron’s speaking 1 Thessalonians was opened in a fresh way. In the first message, brother Ron was burdened that we would truly see and realize that through regeneration we are God-men; we are God’s species. In the following messages, we were impressed both with the model of the God-man living revealed in our Lord’s life on earth and with a pattern of the God-man living revealed in the life and ministry of the apostle Paul. Our brother Ron was burdened not only that we would see the joyous revelation that we are God-men but that the God-man living would be worked out in us through our opening to the Lord. We were also impressed that the only way to have the God-man living is by receiving grace; God-men are grace-men. In the final message, we were impressed with the awesome revelation that the church is in the processed Triune God. If we have a vision of where we are, such a vision will govern our thinking, our activities, and our entire life.


4 thoughts on “2015 Southeast Blending Conference – Ron Kangas (AUDIO)

  1. Thank you for posting this link! I look forward to listening to these messages in the car and on the bus.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I don’t know why, I keep smiling when I was listening.

    On another note, the Wednesday night full-time training messages on “Living in the Reality of the Kingdom of God” are so good! It’s like, I want to leave my water pot at the well and run into my village to tell people to listen to these messages! Well, I did, I couldn’t help but told a sister to listen to them. So good! So God! 😀

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