National College Training – A Final Report

God is faithful!  Praise Him for these past seven days; the full release of His word, burden, and call to this young generation of college students; and for their response, consecrating themselves voluntarily both individually and corporately!

The final day of the 2015 National College Training began with a fellowship concerning the Lord’s move to Europe and the need for young people to be trained.  And the best place to be trained is the Full-Time Training!  Lord, I am going unless You stop me!  However, in the final message, brother Minoru charged the students not to wait until the Full-Time Training to practice and enter into what they have heard this week, but to seize the opportunity while they are still students and go back to their campuses with this vision, and with a burden and commission!  Lord, gain overcomers on my campus!

Really it is hard to put into words all that has happened this past week and especially in the last two days.  The Lord truly moved in a powerful, touching, and strong way.  Not only did the students line up to pour out their consecrations in prayer Friday evening after the message, but when they returned to their dorm rooms, students composed long, multi-page consecrations written to the Lord which they turned in before leaving Saturday afternoon.  Many consecrated to the Lord their futures, their future marriages and families, their remaining college years, their going to the Full-Time Training, their work and money and time.  Praise the Lord!  What can we say but thank You and praise You Lord Jesus for Your faithfulness to work in this generation.

Saturday afternoon Chicago Midway airport was filled with the prayers and praises of young age-turners.  As they waited for their flights, students filled from a week of infusion overflowed to their fellow travelers.  One group sang to a family of unbelievers in the food court.  Others challenged each other to pass out all the Bibles for America tracts they had received during the college training before returning home.  One sister broke out in tears as she experienced for the first time the joy of leading one to salvation.

This morning, at the Lord’s table in the church in Champaign, hymn 958 by brother Watchmen Nee was sang and moved some to tears calling out for the Lord to come back, “Oh, may Thou come, the echo of the ages / Come, come and answer now this mighty corporate cry!”  This has truly been the call of the students during the final days of the college training, joining in all the generations of those longing for and crying out for the Lord’s coming.

Please continue to pray that the students continue to walk in the way of their consecration. That they may freshly consecrate each day, even each hour to the Lord.  And that they may immediately establish regular times to pray, to read the Word, and to pursue Christ fervently with companions.   Lord, may the end of the National College Training be a new beginning, a new dawn for “Generation Z” to be the generation to bring the Lord back!

Thank you saints for your prayers leading up to the college training, during the week of the college training, and the days to come.  The Lord’s abundant blessing has been greatly manifested through the prevention of sicknesses from spreading, the rain being routed around us, there being no major injuries or complications in traveling, the release and exercise of the students, and the sweet coordination of all the serving ones from so many localities and countries.

Please continue spread these updates and this burden so many more can participate in prayer and be encouraged with the Lord’s move among the college-age saints!


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  1. This is the generation of those who seek Him, Those who seek Your face,… Psalms 24:6. Lord remember each one of them who have attended the training, remember and honor their consecration, We love you and we will surely bring You back. We live unto You!

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