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Testimonies from students of their top enjoyment these past three days:

“I was really touched and convicted that God needs those who have dispensational value, and that we need to be absolute in our decision to consecrate ourselves to Him” –a student at Chapman University, California

“I enjoyed that for God’s economy He doesn’t use our natural strength/ability, He wants to strip us from ourselves, and that we need to look to Him and trust in Him.” –a student at Northampton Community College, Pennsylvania

“In order to bring the Lord back, we must spend time with Him in sweet, affectionate fellowship so He can open His heart and duplicate His heart in us.” –a student at UC Santa Barbara, California

“The Lord simply needs those who are WILLING to turn the age!” –a student at UC Santa Barbara, California

“What the Lord needs today are those who would be OPEN vessels to His inner working within us so that the Lord would gain His dispensational instrument, His corporate bride, to end this age.” –a student at University of British Columbia, Canada


BREATHE! Day 3 of the 2015 National College Training began with breathing all Christ’s fullness in (Hymns 255). Praise the Lord that we are learning to make the Person the goal of our mornings by taking captive our thoughts, breathing out in confession, and breathing in the Spirit!

RECEIVE! We need content! We need to receive the Spirit of life essentially! Although there are two aspects of the Spirit, we firstly need to experience and enjoy the Spirit essentially as breath and as water. The Spirit is the Son reaching us as the one who came to give life abundantly (John 10:10) as the breath of life and water of life. The requirement is to receive the holy breath (John 20:22) and to receive rivers of living water (7:38-9).

PRAY! If we do not pray, God cannot move. During the second morning session, we were brought into God’s desire to move on the college campuses through our being perfected in prayer. How much we pray according to God’s will, will determine how much God can do. The Lord desires to increase “men like a flock” on every campus, but He needs those that would firstly inquire of Him (Ezek. 36:37).

AGE-TURNERS! This evening the Lord spoke a sober and serious word regarding the kind of life that changes the age. To be one of God’s age-turners we must, like Noah, overcome the stupefying effect of the age we live in and inherit the godly ways of our forefathers to build the ark, the church. Like Moses, we must be like the thornbush that is burning with the divine fire, allowing Him to work through and with us to accomplish His purpose.

There is an urgency today, will we keep the Lord waiting or respond to His call? The burden this week is not to incite an outward movement, but that something would be sown deep within each student. Please pray that there would be the proper response to this call, not only by loud declarations, but primarily by serious, thoughtful prayers.

Updates of the National College Training will be sent daily. Please spread these updates and this burden so many more can participate in prayer and be encouraged with the Lord’s move among the college-age saints!

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  1. It is wonderful to see young people hearing and responding to the Spirit and reality. I was with a religious organization years ago as a counsellor at the same university and the college ones touched the living Spirit but they were sent back into the same system with no way for them to go on. This training is a victory for the Lord’s Recovery. Praise the Lord

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