Blending Conference with Ron Kangas in Wickliffe, Ohio (April 2017)

Below are links to messages from a recent conference given by brother Ron Kangas in Wickliffe, Ohio from April 14-16, 2017. The general subject of the conference is “Practicing the Church Life Under the Heavenly Ministry of Christ”. The audio and outline files are hosted by the Church in Wickliffe (

Message 1 – Seeking the Things Which Are Above
Audio | Outline

Message 2 – The Ministry of Christ as the Minister of the True, the Heavenly, Tabernacle
Audio | Outline

Message 3 – Aspects of the Church as Revealed in Hebrews
Audio | Outline

Message 4 – Practicing the Church Life under the Ministry of Christ as the Divine High Priest
Audio | Outline

Afternoon Fellowship with Saints Age 50 and Over

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