Testimonies Regarding the Lord’s Move to Europe #3

This is the third testimony in our ongoing series of posts regarding how saints have participated in the Lord’s move to Europe through praying, giving, and going. Our hope is that many will be encouraged by these testimonies and that the Lord will gain our cooperation to be one with Him in His move in Europe!


My experience is small, but definite.  I followed the pattern of those around me to care for what the Lord cares for and to pray for what is on His heart, regardless of my condition or my circumstances.  I am learning to open to the Lord and empty myself of what I am occupied with (at least temporarily) in order to touch His heart and receive the flow that is always flowing, but which we miss so often in our hectic days. I literally prayed the prayers that the dear older saints prayed during the prayer meeting, following the flow in my spirit to speak the names of each country that we were burdened for. Slowly but surely the burden for these countries began to grow in me. When you touch the Lord’s heart, as we know, He has a way of mingling His feeling with your feeling – renewing your mind to see things a little more clearly in the unseen realm. The more I prayed in the big meetings and with companions, the more the burden grew.  There was a steady and unmistakable response in my being to any fellowship or mention of the Lord’s move to Europe. This is indeed the Lord’s consummate move. This is what He needs to end this age – His testimony, bright and shining, across the darkened landscape of the European continent. This is His ultimate move to consummate this evil age and bring His kingdom to the earth!

In the summer of 2008, a number of my “mothers and fathers” in the church life went to Ireland for the conference in Dublin. They came home and infused me with the burden to go. In 2010, the opportunity came. Visiting the saints in Ireland with my young daughter was such an incredible experience. Humanly, we were shepherded and cherished by the dear saints (I met my Malaysian-Irish family!). I was able to participate in the prayer meeting of the saints in Dublin and pray one spirit with them, touching the reality of God’s desire for the people of Dublin, for His testimony there.  Truly, this is the Body Christ! Spiritually, the burden in me for the Lord’s testimony in Dublin was compounded. Seeing the need for saints to migrate with my own eyes burdened me even more with the urgency of His need for migration to Europe and for our giving. The saints in Dublin had such a sweet and simple speaking concerning how they came to be there. The Lord said go, so they went, and there they were. Lord, make us so simple just to follow the Lamb wherever He may go.

Another opportunity to go came in 2012; I heard the brothers’ cry, “Come to London for the Olympics. Come to pass out Bibles to the nations!” It was then that I really saw and experienced what it meant to touch and even be in the flow of His consummate move. From the moment we arrived the Spirit was poured out on the saints and there was just a sweet flow of life carrying us along throughout the coordination and prayer, the travelling to and from our destinations, the distributions, the conferences, etc. What a privilege and honor to participate in that way: as a member in the Body, holding the Head with all of the others, cooperating with Him in such a practical way to reach humanity! All of our practical needs were met while we were there caring for His need. He is longing and waiting to meet our need so that we can meet His need!

I know that my experiences are not unique. From the testimonies shared in London (about the dryness of just remaining in a “good church life and work” and the contrasting flowing out of living water when the saints came to Europe) to the experiences that we have when our prayers transcend the earthly environment to touch the throne, we know that the flowing Triune God is moving all the time.  We know that we can participate by praying, giving, and going.  My burden for our generation is that we would all go to the Lord to really consider: “Lord, what about me? My family? What would You do about Your move?  Take us on for Your purpose!”

Now is a busy time of life- working, raising children, serving in our localities where we are.  We need the Lord’s mercy to be freed from what entangles us, to look away, by faith, unto Him. He infused His heart for Europe into mine and He led me to go the first two times. Now His eyes are on Germany. I am a single-mom, working as a school teacher in a small locality in the middle of a wheat field. There is nothing that makes me qualified to participate in His ultimate and consummate move. There is nothing spectacular about my portion in the Body. But this One in me who is the most lovely One, draws us to run after Him.  May we continue to open to Him and seek first His kingdom. –Sister from Pullman, WA

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2 thoughts on “Testimonies Regarding the Lord’s Move to Europe #3

  1. Amen saints let’s buy the oil, in this age, by praying, by gaining Him in every situation, in our home, where we are or in in the place He may send us, let’s gain the oil by praying. I read section 2 and 3 from ch 9 of THE WAY TO PRACTICE THE LORD PRESENT MOVE.
    O my! What a book…do read it, I encourage you to…and also buy the oil, let us buy the oil saints in this age, NOW!

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