Working Saints Fellowship at the 2018 Thanksgiving Day Conference

This post contains the audio and video from a working saints fellowship held during the 2018 International Thanksgiving Day Conference in Charlotte, NC. The fellowship was centered around the burden for the Lord’s move within the United States, particularly in the heartland states and on the campuses. A number of saints testified of their experience of migrating to support this burden, as well as how they were able to participate even while working full-time jobs. Brother Ted Williamson shared from his personal experience, and Minoru Chen briefly covered the history of increase in the Lord’s recovery to further strengthen this burden.


Please click here to access the audio file for download.


4 thoughts on “Working Saints Fellowship at the 2018 Thanksgiving Day Conference

  1. Why did the increase wane? This is a question to be brought before God
    What’s up with this, we at in a continued Acts some locality have no increase, we need help From The Lord Jesus, The Spirit and the Word… not more rules and regulations, not more graphs and gestures. Our God is so real and wants to increase in us and among us, We need You Lord open us to what You want….

  2. Praise The Lord for the beautiful saints who already take the baton and running the course in different fields. The conclusion burden given by brother Chen was strong. Its a wake up call for me, a retired senior. i will pray for the increase of the Lord’s recovery and a true revival in the days to come.
    May The Lord send the fervent praying spirit among us. Amen.

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