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In light of the current world situation, Bibles for America has created a new page on their website to facilitate preaching the gospel, called Share the Good News. They have provided helpful material such as digital tracts, gospel videos, blog posts, and podcasts focused on God’s salvation. May we all be those who spread the gospel seed of the kingdom to hasten the Lord’s return (Matt. 24:14, 2 Pet. 3:12)!

Please see their announcement below.

Dear saints,

We’d like to announce to all the brothers and sisters a new gospel page on the Bibles for America site called Share the Good News.

The Lord has burdened us to pray for people everywhere during this COVID-19 global pandemic and to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is truly a heartbreaking and distressing time, and we believe the Lord wants many to turn to Him and be saved.

This new page has various easy-to-use resources for telling people about God’s salvation:

  1. Digital tracts: Click on one of the 11 tract titles to read and send the tract to people via text message, email, Facebook, or Twitter. For example, you can see the page for “Freed from the Fear of Death” here.
  2. Gospel videos: Watch the gospel videos right on the page: “Is Jesus in Your Boat?”; “Who Is Jesus?”; and “The Meaning of Life.” Share a video using the share icons below each image.
  3. Blog posts: These gospel posts from the BfA Blog are a little longer than the digital tracts. You can read and share the post “Why Did Jesus have to Die?” using one of the sharing buttons at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices or along the left side on a computer.
  4. Podcast episode: Listen to a gospel episode from the BfA Podcast called “The Big Question” right on the page and send it to someone using the share icons below it.

People are anxious and suffering; they need eternal comfort. Surely all of us have particular ones on our hearts that we’re praying for, such as our relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others in our lives. We pray we would be faithful to tell them about our Savior God who wants them to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth.

Please bookmark the “Share the Good News” page so you can easily access it: You can also find the page under the Resources tab in the main menu of our site. We intend to add more content in the future, so be sure to revisit the page. Please also spread the word to others who want to share the gospel.

May the white horse of the gospel of Christ go forth to conquer the hearts of many throughout the whole earth!

Bibles for America

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