The Proper Christian Attitude Towards Social and Political Problems

“A friend asked me once, ‘I have believed in Jesus Christ and received forgiveness of sins through His redemption. Now that I am saved, what should my attitude be towards my country, towards society, and towards international problems? Should I take a passive stand and close my ears to everything, or should I actively participate in the solution to all problems?'”

In chapter 15 of The Normal Christian Faith, Watchman Nee takes up this question and explains from the New Testament the proper Christian attitude towards social and political problems. As Christians, we recognize that there are many problems and needs both nationally, internationally, and even globally. We also realize that all of these problems can only be thoroughly dealt with when Christ comes the second time. Nonetheless, our responsibility today is to bring salvation to and dispense God into men, which will ultimately have a positive, though indirect, influence on society and the world. Although this message was given in 1936, these words are more relevant than ever in the current world situation.

You can read most of this chapter sequentially using the links below (in order), read the entire chapter online at (Normal Christian Faith, The; chapter 15), or purchase the book via the different platforms (LSM, Amazon, Kindle, Google Play Books, Kobo/Walmart eBooks, Apple iBooks) May the Lord speak to us and adjust our thoughts and concepts so that we would know where we are today and what we must do.

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  1. Wonderful and insightful. Indeed the responsibility of every Christian is to participate in the work of accomplishing God’s economy.

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