Fellowship from Brother Ron Kangas on Recent Burdens in the Ministry (May 2020)

This post contains links to video and audio recordings of a fellowship given by brother Ron Kangas to the churches in Northern England, Scotland, Belfast, and Dublin in May 2020. Brother Ron first highlights the crucial points from the crystallization-study of Deuteronomy then shares on the burdens in the present ministry including both the Memorial Day conference and the upcoming June/July training.

His burden in reflecting upon the whole book of Deuteronomy is that certain crucial points would remain with us, in our awareness, day after day. These points include the matters of what it means to labor on Christ and the government of God, among others. This is especially helpful for our corporate pursuit of Deuteronomy which is concluding this week.

During the second part of his fellowship brother Ron shared on what was (then) to come out during the Memorial Day conference, which had the general subject of A Timely Word Concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Recovery, as previewed also by brother Ron here. Brother Ron then shared briefly on the upcoming June/July training (formerly called “summer training”), which will be a crystallization-study of Jeremiah and Lamentations. He feels that certain deeply touching, enlightening, cherishing, and life-supplying matters will be released. As a way to prepare for this upcoming training, he encourages us to read through the text of these books with the help of the footnotes, as our time and circumstances permit.

Finally, brother Ron touches on the ongoing burdens in the ministry which include the prayer ministry of the church, Christian life under the government of God (how the supply of God and the government of God go together), and for us, especially the young working saints, to be saved from the present generation to be today’s Noah family who is building an ark, the corporate Christ.



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  1. Amen.Yes I desired to have more videos from the livingtohim.com so that everyday
    I will view it and pursue More of it.Because I longed to be fully soaked by the words of the interpreted word in the Bible.
    May the Lord be mercifull to us.Glory to Him.Amen.

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