Does the “oneness” sought by ecumenism match the biblical oneness?

The Bible clearly reveals that the Body of Christ is one and that the believers should not and must not divide the Body. It also shows that this divine and organic oneness is realized and expressed in fellowship among members, not in the cooperation among separate organizations. Today, however, the ecumenical movement advocates and pushes for a form of organized unity, in which various denominations join together, sometimes under an umbrella organization, while at the same time maintaining their divisions. In Messages for Building Up New Believers, Watchman Nee describes ecumenism as “a checkerboard in which each denomination minds its own business within its own segregated square.” The following article from Shepherding Words helps show the inherent error of ecumenism and contrasts it with the genuine oneness of the Body of Christ seen in the Bible. Only this biblical oneness, and not a man made, organizational imitation, can match God’s eternal intention and should be practiced without compromise among the churches.

Our Attitude Toward Ecumenism


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