Does Living Stream Ministry control the local churches in the Lord’s recovery?

Living Stream Ministry (LSM) was established as a Levitical service to publish the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. It provided practical support to the ministry in the Lord’s recovery by facilitating the release of the word through the ministry, by capturing that word for the present need as well as posterity, and by propagating the word of the ministry. Today it still performs those same basic functions. LSM’s role is not to exercise leadership in the ministry in the Lord’s recovery; it is to cooperate with the ministering brothers to supply the churches with spiritual food and with resources to spread the work. Nor does LSM have any organizational, administrative, or financial control over the churches. Each local church answers directly to the Lord and is under the oversight of local brothers. It is up to these brothers whether and to what degree the church will use LSM materials or participate in LSM-sponsored gatherings. The following article from Shepherding Words further explains the relationship between Living Stream Ministry and the local churches.

The Relationship between Living Stream Ministry and the Local Churches

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