Announcing “Nuggets and Gems from the Bible”

Since the completion of the Collected Works of Witness Lee in 2018, the entirety of the ministry of brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee has been put into print. Because of this, the brothers serving at LSM feel that presently there is a two-fold need. On the one hand, we who are in the Lord’s recovery need to enjoy, digest, and assimilate the riches of the ministry. On the other hand, we must endeavor to propagate this ministry to those outside of the Lord’s recovery so that they too can enjoy all its wonderful riches.

There is a spiritual famine throughout the earth, just as there was a famine in Joseph’s time…. Therefore, we should rise up and distribute the food in our storehouse…. We should not merely sit in Joseph’s storehouses and enjoy the food. We need to distribute and propagate these riches.” (Witness Lee, Guidelines for the Propagation of the Lord’s Recovery, Living Stream Ministry.)

Several years ago, with this in mind, the brothers at LSM compiled seven booklets from Life-study message excerpts based on their “tastiness” for the express purpose of introducing the ministry to those outside the recovery. Formerly known as “Rainbow Booklets” because of their colors, they are now called “Nuggets and Gems from the Bible,” and include the following titles:

  1. The Bible – A Romance of a Universal Couple
  2. The Dispensing of the Triune God to Produce His Abode
  3. The Gospel of God
  4. Life’s Principle – to Change Death into Life
  5. Life’s Purpose – to Build the House of God
  6. A Revelation of Life and Building
  7. A Universal Battle – Life Versus Death

While these printed booklets are still available for purchase here in bundles of 50 for the purpose of distribution, LSM is also starting to make them freely available in digital formats in order to reach the growing number of people who consume media online. The first of these eBooklets, Life’s Principle—To Change Death Into Life, was recently released here for Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kindle, EPUB, Audiobook, and as PDF. The second, A Revelation of Life and Building, is available here. We encourage you to not only enjoy these eBooklets yourself, but also freely share them with your friends, family, and colleagues as the Lord leads.

To receive updates regarding additional free eBooklets as they become available as well as other updates, you can now follow LSM on Instagram ( and Twitter (@livingstream).

May the Lord burden us for the spread and propagation of His recovery on the earth today!

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