Working Saints Fellowship – Fall 2015 Northern California Retreat

Working Saints Fellowship – Fall 2015 Northern California Retreat

In the Fall of 2015 brother Minoru Chen had a special time of fellowship with the working saints in Northern California. This fellowship was held at a camp in the Bay Area and, in fellowship, is freely available to our Living to Him readers. Please see the links below for access to the audio files.  Message three has been intentionally omitted as it contained personal testimonies.

Message 1

Message 2

Message 4

Message 5

Message 6

12 Responses to Working Saints Fellowship – Fall 2015 Northern California Retreat

  1. Adrian says:

    Message 3?

  2. A sister says:

    Lord, please don’t give us up. We may want to escape, we may want to have a laid-back life, please don’t let us drift away. Many of our golden years have already wasted in the world pursuing worthless things. Please draw us back to You! Draw us back to our First Love! Revive this generation! Your desire is our desire. We offer ourselves, our praises, our prayers, our prophesies, our services, our money, whatever we have to You. Whatever is ours, is Yours. Actually, we have nothing and we are nothing. We have everything when we have You. Amen.

  3. Tish Holt says:

    Where does the church gather in Northern California? I live in Petaluma. Is there anything close?

  4. yamel varela says:

    The Church in San Francisco
    1201 19th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122
    They have Facebook page…

  5. Hedy Tunggal says:

    The church in Rohnert Park.

  6. Susanna Soroosh says:

    None of these links work any more? Please help?

  7. Lyz de Morales says:

    Please need to contact The Church in Menphis

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