Andrew Yu, Cypress, February 2008

This message contains fellowship given by Andrew Yu to young adults in Anaheim and Cypress on February 2, 2008.

Click here to listen or download the message.

A handout of ministry excerpts distributed during the message is available here or you may read them online here.

2 thoughts on “Andrew Yu, Cypress, February 2008

  1. Today there is a need for all of us have a vital daily living. Toward the end of his speaking brother Andrew gives 7 points related to having a vital daily living (listen to the message to find out what they are). With each point he recommends setting goals and having a companion keep us accountable to them. The reason being that goals give us direction, keep us from leaking and drifting, and help make us vital in our daily life.

    This message was very practical and helpful!

  2. Amen, I am again and again revitalized… Oh Lord Jesus we need to have plan… If we don’t have plan the money will got out of the pocket…

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