Minoru Chen, Irvine, February 2008

This message contains fellowship given by Minoru Chen to young adults in Irvine on February 6, 2008. His burden was to help us see the role and commission of the working saints based on the principles set forth in Numbers regarding the Levitical service.

In the book of Numbers, God asked Moses to number His people according to their age. In particular, God charged a specific group of Levites “to do the work of service and the work of bearing burdens in the Tent of Meeting (4:47).” Although these age groups are Old Testament types and not to be applied literally in the New Testament, we can apply their spiritual principles to the church life today.

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One thought on “Minoru Chen, Irvine, February 2008

  1. Saints may we pray,

    Lord Jesus help us to be those at the age 30- 50 who serve in the church as the trunk of the body as a priestly service to the Lord for His building. save us from idleness and occupy us with kingdom matters.

    Bro Acton,
    The Church in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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