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Submitted by: J. Yu (New York, NY)

Having lived in NYC over a year now, I recently made the decision to move into the brother’s house. Outwardly, there really was no reason to move. My studio was close to work, my area was superb, my rent was ‘affordable’ and I had a great relationship with my landlord, super and doormen. Seemingly, it made zero sense to move 100 blocks uptown, share a bedroom, sleep on a bunk bed, and reside with the locals of Harlem, NY.

It’s funny how things can make perfect sense logically and even practically yet inwardly the Lord will counter all logic and bother you to no end.

I decided to fellowship with the leading brothers of NYC to explore the possibility of the Brother’s house and unlike any fellowship I’ve ever had before, the decision was made quickly and before I knew it, I began living in Harlem.

At work, efficiency easily separates the ‘winners’ from the ‘losers’. Those that are unable to work efficiently are quickly sent packing. The Lord doesn’t seem to place the same amount of importance on this matter of efficiency. I think this is related to the fact that life is not always efficient. Life takes on a course of its own and often times makes twists and turns that you cannot imagine or fathom.

I realized that I am not here for efficiency but rather, I am here for life. I want the Lord’s life to grow within me, to overcome and engulf all naturalness, worldliness and ugliness.

Having now lived in the Brother’s house for over a month, I can testify that my house mates have been a salvation to me. Life isn’t even close to perfect or even ideal but I do have the satisfaction of knowing that I cooperated with the Lord in a little way and Satan did not have his way.

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