Living a life of a full-timer

Submitted by: Liza Macaldo (Philippines)

Praise the Lord for His move today. The Lord is really working throughout the ages to call overcomers in order to hasten His coming back. As one who have been perfected in the Full-time Training the burden has been laid upon us and we are commissioned to bear this burden for the church to be build up. I’m so refreshed and do realized that I am one of the idle slave who just hid the talent that was given to me and instead occupied with a lot of things and forgot the things I learned in the Full-time Training. I was totally dried up and became paralyzed by not participating any services in the church. Although I attend the regular Lord’s Day Meeting and Prayer Meetings but the burden is not that heavy. After listening to the messages (which I also downloaded it, burn it in CD so that I can listen with it again and again wherever I am and share it also to the Young Adult saints) I was again reminded that I am for Him and for the church. As a working one and having a family to take cared of as well is not an excuse for us not to serve and pursue the Truth, but it’s a matter of how we handle our time. Having a scheduled living is very helpful and practical. An ultimate significance of being a full-timer is to live to Him. Whether we are job-dropping or job keeping we are all full-timers if we all live to Him. Our God today is hungry and thirsty for full-timers and there is the need of a revival of the full-time spirit in the Lord’s Recovery. In order to meet this need, we have to reconsider our ways. I want to renew my consecration to the Lord to redeem my time and live a life to Him. Live a life of a full-timer in order to please the Lord! We are completely belong to Him. We are His!

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