Enjoying the supply

Submitted by: Ashton (New Zealand)

Praise the Lord for His mercy that we have ears to hear the Ministry. I often rise in the early hours of the morning consumed with thoughts of the business of life, but listening to the fellowship just refocuses me on what is real. Thankyou saints for providing the way so that even on the other side of the world we can listen and enjoy.

I so enjoyed that each of us have been given 5 outstanding things;

1. An allotment of precious faith
2. All things pertaining to life and Godliness
3. He has called us by His glory and virtue
4. He has granted us precious and exceedingly great promises
5. We have the ability to become partakers of His divine nature.

These are the dynamo within our being encouraging us and motivating us to go on. I am convinced that in me nothing good dwells, except I have the operating energising Triune God. Thankyou Lord for your mercy!!

Now it is up to me to cooperate in 5 ways
1. Add all diligence
2. Supply bountifully these things
3. Be more diligent
4. Doing these things
5. Not neglecting my salvation

Much grace

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