Praise the Lord for the 2’s or 3’s

Submitted by: S. Chon (Irvine, CA)

Praise the Lord for the 2’s or 3’s. It’s been such a blessing being under the speaking to realize how vital it is for us to be built up in these groups of 2’s or 3’s.

I enjoyed seeing that as we pursue our Christian journey aspiring unto godliness, we should be those living in the reality of jubilee by taking up the cross. However, this journey must be accompanied by companions who have the same vision in order to pick each other up as we go. We can also offer intercessory prayers for those around us, and thereby lead many more closer to the Lord.

It’s been wonderful being in the practice of vital companionship, and I feel that there is much the Lord can do through our prayers. Praise the Lord for the 2’s or 3’s!

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