Prayer With Companions/2s & 3s

Submitted by: Nyasha Tindall (New York, NY)

With the prayer in the 2s and 3s, the Lord does superabundantly above what we ask or think! The center of my churchlife is the prayer in the 2s and 3s. Without this it would be difficult to go on and the Lord would not have a way to wrap up this age. Often times, as I pray with my companions regarding personal migration, our pursuit, the young adults, the college saints/YP, gospelizing this country, the families in the church and the world situation, we are assured that the Lord has already answered our prayers and because of this we are simply ushered into a chorus of praises and “Amens”! Wow! I must say that it is this kind of prayer that uplifts us out of any kind of mood or dire straits and it affords the Lord a way to do what He must do in us, in the church and in the world. Simply fantastic.

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