Vital Groups

Submitted by: Kyle Phillips (Irving, TX)

I really enjoyed this from our Brother’s speaking. ———- In order to live this way; to meet the Lord’s present need. This is what we’re talking about–The Lords present need, the Lords need at this time, in this hour, at this season. We have to be people who know the times. We don’t know the day of the Lord’s coming, nobody except the Father knows. But we can know the times. And we are really living in the times, that is the end times. It is not just about the fulfillment of certain outward prophecy. It has to do with the producing; the producing of the testimony of Jesus all across the earth. Even the producing of the church, the reality of which is the Body on this earth. Even more than this–by the sevenfold intensified spirit, is the producing of Zion in the Jerusalem, and to bring the Lord back. This is the age we are living in. ———- Praise the Lord, we can know the times, the age and the Lord’s present need!

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