Entering into the Good Land

Submitted by: Tim Washington (Bellevue, WA)

Dear brothers and sisters, I was very encouraged by the ministry portions below and wanted to share it with you. “God has called us with a purpose. This purpose is to use us to bring people out of the tyranny of today’s world into the wilderness, a place of separation. It is also to bring them to the mountain where they may see the revelation concerning God’s economy and the design of the tabernacle, so that the tabernacle may be built. Furthermore, it is to bring them into the rich and all-inclusive good land to defeat God’s enemy and to enjoy the riches of Christ. Then God will be able to establish His kingdom in which He will have His dwelling place on earth. All these points are fully developed in Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians, four books which are the heart of the Bible.” “Both Moses and Paul were called for this purpose, and we are called for this purpose also. We need to bring people all the way from the world into the all-inclusive Christ for God’s kingdom and God’s building. Oh, may our apprehension of God’s Word be uplifted in these days! What God desires is not merely the tabernacle with the initial enjoyment of Christ as the lamb, the manna, and the living water, but the temple with the rich enjoyment of Christ as the all-inclusive land. Day by day we need to experience Christ in a practical way as our life and as our person. He should be not only manna to us, but also all the riches of the good land. What we need today for the accomplishment of God’s purpose is the genuine experience of Christ as the good land of Canaan.” LS-Exodus Message 11, pp 131-132. After reading these portions I felt a renewed sense of why we are here, why we are having our young adults fellowship together, and why we need to pray together and fight for our generation. It’s so that we can help bring many more people out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and into the full enjoyment of Christ as the all-inclusive good land. I have also been touched by very similar points that have come up in more recent ministry meetings. In message 13 from the Fall 2009 Ministry meetings (Stewards of the Mysteries of God), brother Ron made the point that part of the spiritual warfare is bringing others into the full enjoyment of Christ (as typified by the good land). In message 12 from the Fall 2008 Ministry meetings (The Jubilee) brother Ron also referred to the need for a corporate Joshua to be raised up so that we can enter into the good land. “Lord, work this out and bring us in.” Tim

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