Overcoming the Present Evil Age

Submitted by: A. H. (Philippines)

I was a former trainee. After my training I have decided to work. In entering to working in a secular job, I have learned a lot. It is here where our faith is really tested. It is here that my love and faithfulness to the Lord was tested. And also it is here where we determine how we are in our growth in life. While working for a certain company, I have failed a lot concerning my consecration. It is here my true condition was exposed. I fail in still loving the world, in talking worldly things and doing worldly things and even not going to the meetings anymore. One thing that the Lord showed me is that I did not really consecrated myself to the Lord. And I have worked a lot and missed to enjoy the Lord. Oh may the Lord shine upon us that we are really not for the world with the corruption in it by lust. May we not sell out birthright for worldly treasure. We need to remember Paul’s word “I counted all things as loss..on account of the excellency of our Lord Jesus Christ”. May we love the Lord more than anything and anyone and be one with Him in carrying out his eternal purpose which is His economy. Amen. May the glory be to Him for eternity. Amen!

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