Let Us Seek to Love One Another as Jesus Did

Submitted by: C.A. (India)

Dear ones, I have a burden for young people and young adults in: 1. We all should realize that all what the Lord has given us in His mercy through His revelation to us (be it through a “shepherd”, “training”, ” a life event”, “ministry book” or any other tool(s) that He used) is to truly make us grow unto His fullness of life. In daily life this is not a doctrine that removes us from ground level that makes everything a chore, but makes us live Him joyfully on earth. Only by being filled with the love of Jesus, can we be vital companions, otherwise we would only be “companions” trying to do something artificial which may not last. God desires not a “God” living but a “God-man” living. So let us seek to love others with His love, regardless of their similarities or differences to us. 2. This also will automatically cause us to yearn to bear fruit. In His love, we will seek to migrate, share our joy to another one, our living becomes His testimony. Otherwise, we become joyless and “try” to do things in an artificial way. So I am praying for growth in the reality of Life and a genuine love of Jesus to hold together all saints together esp. the newer generation, that has many years to bear fruit for Him. Our master is the Lord Himself. Let us consecrate our own living to Him.

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