An Education for the Spread of the Lord’s Recovery

Brother Witness Lee spoke many times about the importance of education.  However, as many of us pursue higher degrees and further training, we may begin to lose sight of why we set out to obtain such an education in the first place.  In A Blessed Human Life, Brother Witness Lee touches on these points and reminds us that everything we do should be with a view to the Lord’s move on the earth.

You all are studying hard, longing for and striving toward successfully completing your education.  For this, I ask the Lord to bless you all that each one of you may be successful in completing your education.  However, I would ask you, after you have completed your education, what are you going to do?

The Bible says that among God’s people there were great resolutions in heart, and there were also great searchings of heart (Judg. 5:15-16).  For whom did they have great resolutions and great searchings? A person of aspiration, though he lives on the earth, always turns his heart to the Lord.  We should have great resolutions in heart and great searchings of heart toward God. May all the young people, starting from today, be willing to have great resolutions and great searchings of heart.  May today be the day that you have a great resolve and make a great plan.  Some may ask, what is the purpose of having a great resolve and a great searching? It is to live for God on the earth. [Living for God] means to receive God as your life for your entire life. God will lead you to express Him on this earth by going to every place, every country, and every nation to testify on His behalf and to lead people to know Him. (pp 40-41)

Once we have resolved that our education is simply to make us more useful to the Lord and His economy, Brother Witness Lee encourages us to go.  He does not ask if we will go, but where we will go.

Every letter sent to us from the major continents all over the globe has fellowshipped with us regarding the need for people to go.  But where are the people?  We do not have enough people even to meet the need of Taiwan, or even just Taipei, not to mention the whole earth. Where are the people? (p 53)

Where will you go – to Africa, South America, Central America, North America, Eastern Europe, or Western Europe? We can pray to the Lord, “O Lord, where should I go? O Lord, where do You want me to go?”  May we all answer the Lord, “O Lord, here am I; send me.” (p 58)

Hallelujah – we are not wandering aimlessly through our educational programs, but living for the Lord and to Him for His increase and spread on the earth!

3 thoughts on “An Education for the Spread of the Lord’s Recovery

  1. It is very encouraging to see that it is not too much to get an education for purpose of the Lord’s move.

    Brother Gerald shared a word to us a few years ago that back in the days the saints were “crazy” for the Lord and so they neglected their education. That’s when Brother Lee charged the saints to go back to school and even pursue higher education. However, in recent years, the tides and culture in the churches have changed such that many are getting higher education yet few are putting it on the cross.

    Since I’m studying medicine, saints often remark to me that the Lord’s recovery needs more doctors. According to my limited observation, that is actually not true. What the Lord’s recovery needs is not more doctors but more doctors who are living to the Lord, serving the saints, one with the ministry, and supporting and being in the work. The same goes for lawyers, engineers, professors, or any other professionals. Otherwise, what is the use of our education and degrees?

  2. Amen. I have recently been interviewing at various schools around the country for residency, and have realized that what the Lord needs is not another ivy-league trained doctor. He needs members of His Body who will function. If I get the best training in the world, yet spend 5 years on the fringe of the church life or completely drop out, that would be an utter waste. Oh Lord – grant us a controlling vision of your economy that would govern us in every decision. Have mercy on us and keep us pursuing You!

  3. I’m in the same boat and agree wholeheartedly. The Lord needs vessels useful to Him. The entire purpose of our education should be so that we may be useful in His economy. A high degree from a prestigious university means absolutely nothing if the education it represents is not used in hastening our Lord’s return. Many times I have had to repent for being sucked into the fast lane of medical education. May the Lord continue to have mercy on us as we go on in our education, that we would be absolute for Him and not our professions.

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