Salvation in Parenthood

Submitted by: Francisco Joel Alvarez (Vega Alta, Puerto Rico)

Dear saints: We praise the Lord for His mercy in allowing us to raise our children in the fear of the Lord! We’ve been reciving light concerning our own consecration to the Lord within the children’s service and pray the Lord continues to shine upon us in every aspect of our service to Him. Hallelujah!

2 thoughts on “Salvation in Parenthood

  1. Please help us pray as we are moving forward within the locality to initiate the children’s meeting, starting with a fellowship with parents and serving ones this Saturday, January 8th… and also for the first children’s meeting of the year, this Friday, January 14th. May the Lord shine upon us as we consecrate our families to Him!

  2. Amen, The Lord is really serious about this matter of the children’s work at home. There was a conference given on October 15, 2011 based on messages 10 to 12 of the book Raising Up the Next Generation. The first of the three messages has been posted in under the title The Importance of the Children’s Work (Part 1 of 3). The burden was released, the messages were very touching and personally marked my way of being a mother forever.
    Then, the following week the Lord continued. On October 22, 2011 the same subject was touched by brother Minoru in the Spanish Perfecting Training in Aneheim. The Lord is really burdened about the Next Generation and it starts with us, parents. It is a day by day nourishing, reading the Word to them, being exercised to be in our spirit for their sake. In this way, our children will be raised seeing that the church life is the normal way of living.

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