Paul Young’s Testimony

This is a video testimony of Paul Young, Chief Operating Officer of Christian Research Institute (CRI), at the recent Chinese-speaking perfecting training in New Jersey. Brother Benjamin Chen is providing translation into Chinese.

Here is a translation of what Brother Benjamin said before Paul started sharing:

“Our Brother Paul Young is willing to give his testimony at the beginning of this meeting. We know that the largest Christian research organization in the United States is the Christian Research Institute (CRI). This is not a church but a research institute. Last year, the President of CRI, Brother Hank, attended this one-week perfecting training in New Jersey, albeit only for two days. This time, Brother Paul – he is the Chief Operating Officer of CRI – is able to join us. He started meeting with us three years ago. He is in the church life in Charlotte, [North Carolina]. He is willing to share with us his testimony.”

4 thoughts on “Paul Young’s Testimony

  1. Praise our Lord for Bro. Paul Young’s testimony. I haven’t been meeting for over 2 years due to illness. But this brother’s tesitmony really touched my heart. I missed the church life and the saints. Amen

  2. What an encouragement our dear brother shared with us, and exciting experiences God has given him. He is full of appreciation for the Lord in His bringing Him to the Lord’s Recovery. O Lord, may we fulfill our commission. He shared with us he is 65 years of age and was so happy to see so many young ones in the conference. O saints, we are so priviledged and affortunate the Lord has placed us here. We have a glorious future in the Lord’s recovery, may we never leave. Let’s go on!

  3. Praise you Lord Jesus…we enthrone you as our glorius are sovereing in all our sitituations…thank you for dear brother Paul…may Christ increase and we decrease…amen

  4. I just had the pleasure of meeting Paul Young in Charlotte at the CRI headquarters. He was so kind and hospitable. Thank you for all you do Paul and for taking the time to meet with me. I watched your wonderful testimony here on this video and I pray for your brothers and sisters, our brothers and sisters, in China. To God be the Glory!

    “From start to finish, he is the one who does it all.” Watchman Nee

    p.s. (you have a little less hair now, eh? Five years later LOL)

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