Sowing Trips (February 2012)

Over the next two weeks teams of FTTA trainees and other saints will visit 15 cities in the United States and at least 12 countries in Europe to preach the gospel, distribute Bibles, and contact seeking believers.

For information about the sowing trips in the United States, click here.

For information about the sowing trips in Europe, click here.

We can participate in these trips by going, giving, or praying. We hope that those who participate (in any way) will send us reports. You can do so by using the comments section below this post or by filling out our contact form here.

2 thoughts on “Sowing Trips (February 2012)

  1. Lord! Jesus Bless the sowing trips both in the United States and in Europe!

    Strengthen the brothers and sisters who are going to take part in the Trips!

    Fasten all evil powers and authorities which are against the preaching and spreading the Gospel, the Gospel of Kingdom as well as finding out the genuine Seekers in the regions. Lord Jesus bless those who participate in the Move. Amen

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