Filled with Nourishment

I hope all the young people would devour the Life-studies. If I had found such materials on the Bible when I was young, I would have stayed up late at night, swallowing up what was in them! …The Life-studies…are filled with nourishment on almost every line. (The World Situation and God’s Move, Chapter 4)

One thought on “Filled with Nourishment

  1. “A witness is a person bearing a testimony. The witness is the person; the testimony is the thing testified. On the day of Pentecost Peter and the others were not preachers so much as witnesses bearing the testimony. They were living persons, bearing the testimony of the One who had been incarnated, crucified, resurrected, and then had ascended and descended and who was still moving on this earth through His Body. They bore testimony to this Person. Their testimony was the gospel.”

    “We need to connect verse 2 with verse 12: “And I turned to see the voice that spoke with me; and having turned I saw seven golden lampstands.” These lampstands were the testimony of Jesus. They were the churches (v. 20).”

    “Have I made this clear to you? When you meet the Lord, will you have any excuse that you did not understand? The Lord’s recovery is not just a common piece of Christian work. Surely the Lord has shown us something of His ultimate move on this earth. You must bring what you have heard to the Lord and pray. You must fellowship with your wife or husband, with others who are close to you, again and again.”

    “You should not be here just to make a living! That is too low. Be burdened with God’s ultimate move. Then you will see God’s oneness with you, and there will be no problem with your living. I do not use the Old Testament term, that you will have God’s blessing. I say that you will see God’s oneness with you, because you are one with Him.”

    “The time is short; the end is close. If you know world history and the trend of history, you will realize that it is unlikely God would prepare another country to be a power in this world for Him to take yet another step. I believe that America is the last power God will use for His final move. This fourth step, His final move, is the carrying out of His eternal intention to have a number of His seekers, lovers, live Christ and be the lampstand in their locality, that He may prepare His bride.”

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