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“I have the assurance to say that whoever has read through five hundred Life-study messages properly has been an excellent believer.” (Witness Lee, Elders Training, Book Three)

During the past month and a half, a corporate Life-study reading schedule was administered through livingtohim.com. In order to continue this kind of pursuit to produce a generation of priestly scribes, a new website dedicated to the reading of Life-studies called Excellent Believer (http://excellentbeliever.com/) has been developed.

This website allows each user to join or form a reading group within which members can post their progress and comments for accountability and mutual encouragement, while following their personal schedules. For those who want a corporate reading schedule, LivingToHim.com has created a group called “1 Timothy (February 20 – March 16)” which you can join using the Group Key “YJWRBT“. For this group only, we will corporately read the Life-study of First Timothy at a pace of half-a-message-per-day with 1 day to catch up each week (i.e. 3 messages/week).

We trust that this kind of pursuit will be sustained by much mutual encouragement among those in our generation, that we would stand and live because others are doing the same (1 Thes. 3:8). May the Lord continue to draw each one of us through our getting into the Life-studies to pick up the burden of this ministry in order to consummate this age.


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