2012 Labor Day Conference – Vancouver, Canada

Below are the messages from the Labor Day Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada about a month ago with Brothers Benson Phillip, Albert Lim, and Kerry Robichaux. The general subject was gospel to the nations. Messages were spoken in English with translation into Mandarin Chinese.

Msg 1Msg 2Msg 3


13 thoughts on “2012 Labor Day Conference – Vancouver, Canada

      1. Andrew, we’re not sure why you are having difficulty. From our end the audio clips appear to playing without any problem. Are you having difficulty listening to any other media on Living to Him as well?

  1. Dear Andrew and Beatriz, we are not sure why you are unable to listen to the audio files. These files are not hosted by livingtohim.com. Rather, this post simply contains the links to these files. You can try copying and pasting the links themselves into another browser and see if that works.

  2. I guess the problem is not the sound clips. The fact that the messages were given with simulteneous translation into chinese made it difficult to understand. It will take more concentration to pickup the parts of the message which was spoken (in English) in between the chinese translation.

  3. Praise the Lord!!! May we all continue to open to the Lord sincerely, and afford Him the opportunity to infuse us with this burden. In these days, many need to cooperate with the Lord for the spreading of the gospel. The white horse is running! The kingdom Gospel will be preached for a testimony to all nations. We need to be direct! Tell Him, “Lord here we are! Send us!”

  4. Dear Saints, I’m unable to download these msgs. When trying to download there is a message “The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth.” is being displayed. Please let me know how I could have the download done. Thank you!!

  5. Amen! very revitalizing, energizing messages for all the members of the Body of Christ. O Lord Jesus, may all the functions of all the members of the Body of Christ be fully recovered!

  6. Saints, you need to find a better place/way to store these files for download. This site says you’re “out of bandwidth.” Is there no other way to get these files to be able to hear them?

  7. Dear Aaron and Wincy, livingtohim.com does not currently host these messages but simply provide the links. Unfortunately the account actually hosting these messages have apparently a limited bandwidth. Since this is a recurring problem, we will download these messages when it’s not “out of bandwidth” and host them directly. Please stay tuned.

  8. Livingtohim.com is now hosting these messages so there shouldn’t be anymore “out of bandwidth” issues. Enjoy!

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