Msg. 17: LS of Daniel

Today we conclude the Life-Study of Daniel. Praise the Lord!


This message covers Daniel 12 with the following sections:

B. Related to the Archangel Michael’s Standing for Israel

1. Things in the Consummation of the Age

a. Michael Standing for Israel

b. A Time of Distress

c. The Shattering of the Power of the Holy People Being Completed

d. Everyone Found Written in the Book Being Delivered

e. Many of Those Sleeping in the Ground Awaking to Life Eternal

2. Things in the Kingdom Age

a. The Cleansing and Recovering of the Defiled and Trampled Temple for Thirty Days

b. The Preparing and Reestablishing of the Priesthood for the Offering of the Daily Sacrifice to God for Forty-five Days

c. The Lot of the Overcoming Saints in the Kingdom

1) The Resurrected Saints Enjoying the Eternal Life

2) Those Who Have Insight Shining like the Shining of the Heavenly Expanse

3) Many Who Will Be Purified, Cleansed, and Refined Participating in the Kingdom

4) The Resurrected Daniel Enjoying His Lot in the Kingdom

3. Things in Eternity

a. Those Who Enjoy the Eternal Life in the Kingdom Continuing the Enjoyment of the Eternal Life in Eternity

b. Daniel Continuing to Enjoy His Lot of the Eternal Life in Eternity

c. Those Who Have Perished Being Resurrected after the Kingdom Age and Suffering Eternal Reproach and Contempt in Eternity


One thought on “Msg. 17: LS of Daniel

  1. I just read both message 16 and 17 and am trying to digest them. All I can think right now is: “Wow. What a book!” In this marvelous book we really get a glimpse of history from the start of human government under Nimrod until the setting up of God’s eternal kingdom in the new heaven and new earth. This entire wonderful vision was given to Daniel, a man precious to God because he set his heart to know God and to care for His people. I don’t know, I have to admit, that I still don’t understand all the details of the vision. I still get confused with what is literal and what has spiritual significance and what is in principle and what not, but as I finished reading message 17 all I could think of was Daniel himself. I mean how much of it did he understand? I don’t know. But what I do know is he began as a young man with a heart set solely on God and he ended as a man full of days, days in which he spent much time in prayer to God for His eternal purpose. I don’t know about you, but inside of me there is the desire that God would have mercy on me to constitute me such a person, a person precious to God.

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