God-Given Companions and the Principle of the Body

The Bible reveals that the Lord arranges companions for His seekers to match one another. For instance, with Moses there was Aaron (Exo. 4:14), with Daniel there were his three companions (Dan. 2:17), with the twelve disciples the Lord sent them out two by two (Matt. 10:2-5; Luke 10:1), and lastly with Paul he was always matched with either Timothy, Silas, or another coworker (Phil 1:1; 1 Thes 1:1; Acts 15:40). This divine principle of the Lord matching us with companions still applies to us today. Whether we realize it or not, the Lord has placed brothers and sisters in our environment to be our companions. These companions are meant to match us so that we would move and act in a corporate way, in the principle of the Body, and not in an individualistic way.

In 2 Timothy 2:22 Paul charges his companion, Timothy, “to flee youthful lusts” and pursue Christ for the Body “with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” Thus, even our pursuing of Christ in and for the Body must be “with those” companions whom the Lord has given us. Aaron was a skillful speaker, and the Lord arranged for he and Moses to match one another in a proper way. Likewise, the apostle Paul always had a coworker to match him, and this prevented him from acting in an individualistic way. For example, in his introduction to 1 Corinthians Paul mentions Sosthenes, a brother whom we know little about, in order to keep this principle (1:1). Those who are matched with others are helped to live in the corporate, blending life of the Body. Conversely, those who are not matched with others may easily live an independent life and not be blended with others, which does not correspond to what the Lord is doing in this age.

In summary, we need to go to the Lord in prayer and fellowship concerning two matters. First, since we are individualistic by nature, we sometimes don’t realize our need for spiritual companions. We need to seek the Lord’s mercy for Him to shine His light upon us regarding our need to be matched with others in our living. Moreover, we need to actively seek out others to match us in the way of blending through prayer and fellowship. Second, even if we are already matched with others, it is sometimes difficult to submit to the restriction and limitation this presents. So again we must go to the Lord and receive the abundance of grace that we may deny the self, submit to others, and experience the Lord in the corporate Body life.

Further Reading:

Witness Lee, Life-study of Exodus, Messages 8-10 (NookKindleiBooksPrint).

(Most references in the Further Reading can also be viewed on www.ministrybooks.org.)

2 thoughts on “God-Given Companions and the Principle of the Body

  1. “Members one of another.” Romans 12:5 gives us insight on the principle of the Body. Just as our physical body is composed of many members and is one, so is the Body of Christ. It is God who has placed us in the Body, and the life within each member is the uniting factor. For example, when a member enters into a gathering and the saint’s are burning in spirit (v.11), immediately one’s spirit is stirred up. If your companion begins to rejoice, the divine life within begins to rejoice along-side that member (v. 15). Living in the reality of the Body of Christ is a great mystery.

    Opening to the Lord regarding our God-given companions is a significant step in practicing the Body life. By the Lord’s mercy, His light will begin to shine causing us to actively seek companions. Through fellowship and prayer a thorough blending will take place, and the Body life will spontaneously be experienced. The wheel within the wheel is a marvelous revelation of the Body of Christ.

    The experience of Moses gives a complete picture of God’s desire to match his called ones. We may be impressed with the vision Moses received of the burning thorn bush; or even the subjective experiences of the serpent, the leprosy, and the blood. Nevertheless, God still desired Moses be matched with Aaron and Zipporah. This kind of help balances us, restricts us, humbles us, and cuts us. Only after these experiences can we carry out God’s commission. “May every aspect of God’s calling be our experience in the Lord’s recovery today.”

  2. AMEN!

    Just to strengthen the Vision!
    In Exodus 26:16 it unveils a crucial point. The Verse says “Ten cubits shall be the length of a board, and one and a half cubits, the width of each board.”

    and the footnote is wonderful!
    ‘The width of each board, one and a half cubits, signifies that every believer is a half unit needing to be matched by another to form a complete unit of three cubits for the building of God’s dwelling place”

    Further enlightenment? Contact the Lord!

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