An Open Letter

On May 25th a new website was launched in response to the prevalent and false understanding of the local churches in the Lord’s recovery, Living Stream Ministry, and teachings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. The website, a wonderful resource for introducing the Lord’s recovery to new ones, answering questions from the community, promoting the gospel of the kingdom, and even the edification and encouragement of the saints in the church life is available at

In order to increase the visibility of the webpage on search engines such as Google and Yahoo, we encourage everyone to visit the site and leave comments, and to share the website with others via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and links from your blog or webpage. Icons for sharing the site are also available on the left sidebar of the webpage.

In particular, please note that the correct URL is

You may also view an informative preview by clicking here: Preview Flyer

If you have any comments to leave regarding this letter, we request that you please do so on the website and not here on Living to Him.

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