Migration Testimonies

Submitted by: S.G. who migrated from Fullerton, CA to Moscow, Russia in 1991 to serve full-time in a job-dropping way.

What is the spiritual highlight of your migration?
To speak of one highlight would not be sufficient. Since I have been to major cities of the Lord’s move: Taipei (FTTT), Moscow, Mexico City, London, Cambridge, and now Madrid, Spain, I have had the opportunity to see the Lord’s move and advance steadfastly forward, and at every stage going further more and more. Especially comparing the labor we did in Russia (where I lived in four cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov, Sochi, and Krasnodar) for 7 years, then going to Mexico City, I saw the Lord take a step further in the Mexico City metropolitan area, from the one He took in Russia. I realized that the Lord doesn’t repeat a step, but rather takes a further step as far as the perfecting of the Body of Christ is concerned. Then, in the UK, the Lord kept moving forward, doing a fine-tuning work. Now, what He is doing in Europe, generally speaking is to prepare His recovery for His final move, His second coming.

This causes us to always be aware of what He is doing, wherever He does it, learn the lessons from those saints involved, and realize it is for the benefit of the entire recovery, for all His Body.

I could say that wherever He sends me I go because His grace is ALWAYS ABOUNDING! Wherever the Lamb is to go there I will follow, just because I love Him and want to please Him by cooperating for His return. My reward now is His abounding grace that swallows all the difficulties we’ll encounter.

Is there anything else you would like to explain or share?
His grace is unlimited, and abounds more and more! How can we resist Him? Impossible! It’s a joy to co-labor with our precious coming Lord Jesus Christ!

3 thoughts on “Migration Testimonies

  1. Hi
    sometime i do ask why its so hard to migrate from Africa but i believe that one day i will made it

    1. Dear brother, don’t be discouraged. Its very easy for the Lord to send us anywhere He wants but maybe He wants you here in Africa 🙂 He is doing so much, even in Africa, but His way is often hidden. One day we will rejoice so much with all the saints from across the world to see what He has done

  2. In Africa because of the prevalence of Christianity the immediate burden may not be to travel but to bring those around us who have the outward manifestation of the kingdom with all its enterprises and zeal but is without the inward reality of Christ, into what we have seen in the Lord’s recovery, from our close environs and work places to the next town or city until the Lord has a way through us individually and corporately through the local churches, one after another to bring towns, cities and eventually He may lead us to country after country through migration to bring the continent of Africa into the genuine reality of His economy in Christ Jesus according to the divine revelation of the scriptures as the brothers have shown to us in His recovery. Lord Jesus Come, have your way in all saints, in us also in Africa for your coming Lord. lord Jesus Christ we love you Lord.amen.

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