The Lord’s move in Dusseldorf, Germany

This is a video testimony from a couple who migrated from London to Dusseldorf, Germany three years ago. Closed captioning is available.

Although they feel inadequate, they ask the question, “who else is going to go?”

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    1. Brother Daniel, I am a sister in the church in Lincoln, Nebraska. the saints met last night in my home and we prayed for the great move for the Lord’s body to be built up in oneness and this great move today. So wonderful to be a part in it.

  1. Calling from USA in Orange County, California God Bless the Saints in Dusseldorf… Keep up the good work and follow the Trintiy…Praise The Lord…

  2. All of these factors have caused us to reconsider the Lord’s move in Europe. The Lord’s recovery first spread to Europe in 1971. We should not allow Europe to be lost, but neither should we do anything in a quick way according to our natural thought. We have to pray much and consider much. The recovery must spread. There are three factors that run the entire world today: the leadership of the United States, the influence from Europe, and the influence from Asia. The Lord sent His recovery to the United States because this is the leading nation in the world. Because of the English language and the leadership of this nation, the Lord’s recovery has spread quickly in the past quarter of a century. However, the world situation has changed, and the Lord’s move will probably follow the pattern of this change.

    We must take some practical steps. From now on, we will add French, German, and Russian classes to our full-time training. Moreover, we will encourage saints to give themselves for the Lord’s purpose to spread His recovery to the European countries, especially to eastern Germany and Russia. We should go not as individuals; we should go as a team of at least four, including a couple of age thirty or older as the core of the team. This team may go to one of the larger cities in Europe with large universities. We will start the recovery work mainly on the campuses. We hope to rent houses that can be used to take care of weekend guests and can be used as meeting places. If some are ready now to go as such a team, they may go right away. We may first strengthen the ministry in England because eventually England will be crucial for all of Europe.


  3. Oh wow, just wow

    Tim, Hannah

    Continue to walk with the Lord Jesus; for He has the perfect step and the perfect walk.


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